Ayurveda Spas which were earlier seen only in star hotels now reach out to the citizens in way of day spa catering to all the spectrum of people

  • Young and old
  • Fashionable and trendy
  • People with medical ailments
  • Rejuvenation from illness

Spa de-stress you from your regular lifestyle. It is one form of mediation. Here you can switch yourself off from the world and just indulge into the therapies which suit your body the most.

Spas are popular with the foreign tourists who are in frame of mind to relax and unwind. This frame of mind is ideal to enjoy the spa therapies and pamper your body and senses. Even the localities who work in constant atmosphere of stress need to unwind. The ambiance of the spa transports your mind to a peaceful destination. The Thai specialty spa has the traditional Thai massages which are termed as a lazy mans yoga. These incorporate all the yogic postures which one generally does not do. The therapists ensure the massage is performed in a way which suits your body and relaxes the person completely.

Body needs therapy all the time. It needs care and attention. We attend our body only when it breaks down. Then we treat it with medicines, Allopathic, Homeopathy and Ayurveda etc. The spas help ensure you need not reach the stage where you need medicines. You need to understand that this is a proactive way of treating your mind and body to be healthy and fresh way of life (just like sports). You need to enrol and make it a way of life.